Most Important Questions For Competitive Exams | TypingTest


⚡️What is the full form of LPG -Liquefied Petroleum Gas

⚡️Fleming’s right hand rule is related to what -Generators

⚡️Chromosome in humans- 46 (23 pairs)

⚡️Where does insulin form in human body -Pancreas

⚡️What is the ph value of Wine – 3.0 – 3.4

⚡️Who discovered the hydrogen molecule -Robert Boyle

⚡️What is the molecular mass of Oxygen -16 grams

⚡️Voltmeter is used to measure what -Electrical Potential Difference

⚡️Ammeter measures what -Current

⚡️What is the atomic number of Francium’s – 87

⚡️Which acid is present in Tomato -Citric Acid

⚡️What is the pH of acid Rain -Below 5.6

⚡️Which of these is present in LPG -Cryptic

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