Typingtest Biology One Liner Notes

Biology One Liner Notes Facts about human Body

1. The capacity of the heart to pump blood is about 4.5 liters per minute.

2. The heart rate of a normal adult in one minute. Happens 70-72 times.

3. The heartbeat of a child is more than that of an adult.

4. Human body contains about 60 percent water – brain contains 85 percent water, blood contains 79 percent water and lungs contain about 80 percent water.

5. It is physically impossible to urinate and give blood at the same time.

6. A person sitting or lying down peacefully breathes 15 or 16 times per minute.

7. About 150 lakh cells are destroyed every second inside the body.

8. People who have more number of moles on their body live more than people with less mole on average.

9. It takes about 23 seconds for blood circulation inside the body.


11. Out of all the humans who have lived in the world, 10% are alive at present.

12. There are 22 bones in your head.

13. The air we inhale contains 21% oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide.

14. A human whose weight is 70 kg contains up to 0.2 mg of gold.

15. If you try to say any letter without moving your lips and tongue, each one will have the same pronunciation.

16. A normal adult consumes about 500 ml in a single inhalation. The wind takes it inside.

17. 10 million cigarettes are smoked in a minute.

18. Seven people in the world die due to smoking in a minute.

19. The man who wants to quit smoking sleeps about an hour less at night.

20. The amount of zinc and copper is more in the hair of intelligent people.

21. The nail of your middle finger grows faster than all other nails.

22. Our eyes remain constant from birth while our ears and nose never stop growing.

23. The length of the part from the lower part of your elbow to the wrist of your hand is equal to the length between the ankle of your foot and the knee. , Similarly, the length of your thumb is equal to the length of your nose and the length of the other lips is equal to that of your first finger.

25. Tongue is the only muscle which is attached to only one end.

26. The boiling point of human spit is three times that of water.

27. The left lung of a human is smaller than the right lung because our heart is on the left side.

28. Thinking about your muscles makes you stronger.

29. There is one suicide every 40 seconds in the world.

30. You burn more calories while watching television than sleeping.

31. The air we exhale contains 16% oxygen and 4.5% carbon dioxide.

32. A newborn baby breathes about 45 times per minute and a 6 year old child breathes about 25 times.

33. Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gall bladder.

34. Hemoglobin does the work of carrying oxygen to the cells.

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