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The Analytical Engine, which Charles Babbage created, was the world’s first computer and relied on steam rather than electricity.

The 1st computer programmer in the history is Ada Lovelace

Douglas Engelbart created the first mouse from wood in the 1960s.

The first hard drive, which had a 2.52 GB capacity and weighed 250 kg, was created by IBM. Additionally, it was a refrigerator’s size.

The originator of computer science, Alan Turing.

The Creeper virus, which first appeared in 1971, was known as such.

The QWERTY keyboard was created in 1867 to slow typists down.

Students at Cambridge University created the first Webcam to watch their coffee machine.

🖥️ In 1936, a scientist from Russia named Vladimir Lukyanov created a water-powered computer.

The first ever registered domain name is symbolics dot com.


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