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Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India( IRDAI) Hyderabad Indus Water Treaty 1960 GIF full name Graphics Interface Format Rajasthan was divided into 10 agro climatic zones India is divided into 15 climatic zones National Dolphin Day is observed on 5th October Rajasthan ranks second in India in groundnut product and third in soyabean product Rajasthan State Biodiversity Board established 2010 9th World Ocean Summit held in Portugal Meera … Read more

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1 Who has lately inaugurated the first “ Artificial Intelligence in Defense( AIDEf) Symposium and Exhibition ”? Ans. Rajnath Singh- Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has lately inaugurated the first” Artificial Intelligence in Defense( AIDEf) Symposium and Exhibition”. The AIDEf Symposium and Exhibition was organized by the Department of Defense Production under the Ministry of Defence. 2 Red Panda will be brought to the Singalila National Park located in which state? Ans. … Read more

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Who has been appointed as the head coach by the ‘Nepal Cricket Association’ recently? Recently which neighboring country of India has declared martial law in 37 of its cities? Recently the 9th edition of Kalinga Literary Festival will be organized in which city of Odisha? Recently which country’s veteran cricketer Aaron Finch has retired from … Read more

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Q.1. Who has recently launched the ‘pay as you drive’ policy? Ans. New India Assurance Q.2. Which district has become the first to register 10000 new MSMEs recently? Ans. Ernakulam Q.3. Who has recently been appointed as a member of the US House Committee on Intelligence? Ans. ami bera Q.4. Recently Adani Enterprises shares have … Read more

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The Analytical Engine, which Charles Babbage created, was the world’s first computer and relied on steam rather than electricity. The 1st computer programmer in the history is Ada Lovelace Douglas Engelbart created the first mouse from wood in the 1960s. The first hard drive, which had a 2.52 GB capacity and weighed 250 kg, was … Read more