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Important question and answers for all competitive examinations

1. Dadasaheb Award is given in which field?
Answer Cinema

2. Who was the author of Sikhism
Answer practitioner Nanak

3. What’s the rate of length and range of the Indian National Flag?
Answer 32

4. Which is the smallest unit of original government?
Answer Gram Panchayat

5. To which state is the notorious cotillion Kathakali related?
Answer Kerala

6. Gol Gumbaz
Answer Bijapur

7. Who constructed the logarithm tables?
Answer John Napier

8. Failure of which organ causes hostility?
Answer Lever

9. Where is India’s Ist nuclear power station making?
Answer Tarapur( Maharashtra)

10. How numerous abecedarian rights have been mentioned in the Indian Constitution?
Answer six

11. Which compositionpapers can not be suspended
Indeed during exigency?
Answer Composition 20 and 21

12. Who was the first Viceroy of India?
Answer Lord Canning

13. What should be the minimal age to come Vice
President of India?
Answer 35 times

14. In whose place has the NITI Aayog been constituted?
the following association?
Answer Planning Commission

15. How numerous types of writ are there in India
Answer 5

16. How numerous abecedarian duties have been mentioned in the Indian Constitution?
Answer eleven

17. system of election of the Indian Constitution
From which country is the President taken?
Answer Ireland

18. Who administers the pledge of the President
Answer Chief Justice of India

19. In which composition of the Indian Constitution
Provision for public exigency?
Answer Composition 352

20. How numerous members are there in the Upper House( Rajya Sabha)
Can be nominated by the President of India?
Answer 12

21. Which correction is also known as the’ Mini Constitution’ of India?
Answer 42nd Amendment

22. Jammu and Kashmir State Legislative Assembly
has term of
Answer 6 times

23. By whom are movables to the All India Services made?
Answer President

24. Sharda Act is related to
Answer Child marriage

25. The president of NITI Aayog is
Answer Prime Minister

26. Which earth is considered a dwarf earth?
Answer Pluto

27. What’s the name of China Sea tropical cyclones?
Answer Typhoon

28. Whose illustration is the Himalayas?
Ans fold mountain

29. The largest irrigation conduit in India is
Answer Indira Gandhi Canal

30. Which is the loftiest mercenary award in India
Answer Bharat Ratna

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