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Environment Important Questions

1. Ozone subcaste in the atmosphere protects us from which shafts?
Ans- from ultraviolet shafts

2. What’s paroxystic?
Ans- Air contaminant

3. What’s the temperature of the earth due to’ green house effect‘?
Ans- increases

4. Which state has the maximum number of timbers in India?
Answer – Madhya Pradesh

5. Which gas is most generally set up in the atmosphere?
Answer – Nitrogen

6. What should be the minimal temperature needed for the growth of trees in an area?
Ans- 4 degree Celsius

7. Where is the Forest Research Center located in India?
Ans- Dehradun

8. Whose afforestation process is it?
Ans- To plant further trees

9. Which is the maximum timber cover area in India?
Ans- Reserved timber

10. What’s called green gold?
Ans- To the timber

11. Who’s the proprietor of utmost of the timber wealth in India?
Ans- State

12. What’s Van Mahotsav related to?
Ans- By planting trees

13. Where is step husbandry done?
Ans- On the pitch of the mountains

14. What’s the nature of environmental studies?
Ans- Multi correctional

15. What’s the sum of the conditions that compass us from all sides called?
Ans- Environment

16. Which is the most important timber for the global terrain?
Ans-Tropical timbers

17. Environment is the sum aggregate of those external conditions and influences, which affect the development cycle of organisms on the earth‘s face. Who has given this statement?
Ans- Nicholas

18. Environment is an external force, which affects us. Whose statement is this?
Ans-C.C. Park’s

19. Who started environmental mindfulness in the world?
Ans- William Hewett

20. What’s the biotic factor of the terrain?
Ans- foliage

21. Who has said that terrain is the sum aggregate of ecological factors of living beings?
Ans-A. fitting

22. Who was the exponent of environmental determinism?
Ans- Carl Ritter

23. The United Nations has declared the time 2002 as the International Year of?
Ans- of sustainable development

24. On which date the World Environment Day is celebrated?
Answer – 5th June

25. To maintain the balance of the terrain, what should be the chance of area under timber?
Answer – 33

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