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📌Newly Appointed Prime Minister & President 🔸President of the Czech Republic – Petr Pavel (Former Chairman of NATO) 🔸Prime Minister of New Zealand – Chris Hipkins 🔸First female President of Peru – Dina Boluarte 🔸First female president of Slovenia – Natasa Pirc Musar 🔸First woman Prime Minister of Italy- Giorgia Meloni 🔸First female PM of … Read more

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Environment Important Questions 1. Ozone subcaste in the atmosphere protects us from which shafts? Ans- from ultraviolet shafts 2. What’s paroxystic? Ans- Air contaminant 3. What’s the temperature of the earth due to’ green house effect‘? Ans- increases 4. Which state has the maximum number of timbers in India? Answer – Madhya Pradesh 5. Which gas is most generally set up in the atmosphere? Answer – Nitrogen 6. What should be the minimal temperature needed for the growth of trees in an area? Ans- 4 degree Celsius 7. Where is the Forest Research Center located in … Read more

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1 Who has lately inaugurated the first “ Artificial Intelligence in Defense( AIDEf) Symposium and Exhibition ”? Ans. Rajnath Singh- Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has lately inaugurated the first” Artificial Intelligence in Defense( AIDEf) Symposium and Exhibition”. The AIDEf Symposium and Exhibition was organized by the Department of Defense Production under the Ministry of Defence. 2 Red Panda will be brought to the Singalila National Park located in which state? Ans. … Read more